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Looking for help

17.12.2018 tribonet 8 Views

We are looking for enthusiastic and passionate tribology specialists who would like to contribute to the development of a tribonet project and share the knowledge with the professional community. Tribonet lately became a popular website […]

biotribology wine tasting
Bio Tribology

Tribology to analyze wine mouthfeel

13.12.2018 tribonet 190 Views

Researchers at the University of California, Davis, are investigating whether an analytical technique to measure friction between two surfaces can provide better understanding of wine sensory perception related to astringency and mouthfeel. Mouthfeel is an […]

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Tribology and Contact Mechanics Books

09.12.2018 tribonet 67 Views

 K.L. Johnson, Contact Mechanics, 1985, Cambridge University Press. This treatise is concerned with the stresses and deformation of solid bodies in contact with each other, along curved surfaces which touch initially at a point or […]

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Tribology Experts

09.12.2018 tribonet 29 Views

Steve Franklin, 30+ years expertise in industrial R&D: the application of tribology principles in product and equipment development, design and troubleshooting. Visiting Industrial Professor in tribology at the University of Sheffield (UK). Further information: […]

Advanced Materials

Grippy not sticky

06.12.2018 tribonet 145 Views

Stanford engineers debut an incredibly adhesive material that doesn’t get stuck . A material inspired by the unique physics of geckos’ fingertips could allow robotic hands to grip nearly any type of object without applying excessive pressure. A promising new adhesive material was born out of a scrap. David Christensen, a mechanical engineering graduate student at Stanford, was trimming […]