tribology workshop

Modeling tribology: friction and fracture across scales

18.10.2018 tribonet 6 Views

Tribology, the science of contacting surfaces, remains poorly understood. The challenge lies in the intrinsic multi-scale and multi-physics nature of friction. Tribological systems may cover: (i) Length scales from nanometers (atomistic and molecular mechanisms at […]

glass layer
Advanced Materials

Study reveals clue to Glass Mystery

18.10.2018 tribonet 31 Views

Addressing a centuries-old question, researchers have uncovered a key element to how glasses transition into very resilient states. This breakthrough could allow for more reliable ways to use glasses — metallic glasses in particular — […]

Tribology News

20th International Sealing Conference Review

15.10.2018 F. Xavier Borras 214 Views

This week the 20th edition of the biannual International Sealing Conference (ISC) took place in Stuttgart. Around 200 assistants showed up to the 2-days sealing conference. Well-known companies such as Bosch, SKF, Trelleborg, Parker, Shell, […]

laser chaos
General Topics

The cure for chaotic lasers? More chaos, of course

15.10.2018 tribonet 32 Views

An international, Yale-led research team has taken a new approach to stabilizing high-power lasers: They’re fighting chaos with chaos. There has been a rapidly growing demand for high-power lasers for applications such as materials processing, […]

Modern Materials Manufacturing

Modern Materials and Manufacturing 2019

06.10.2018 tribonet 43 Views

The conference brings together materials and manufacturing experts from the universities and industry. It encourages new collaborations between different partners not only from academia, but also from national competence centres, industry and funding bodies. The […]

Life Like Object
Advanced Materials

Programmable surface

04.10.2018 tribonet 73 Views

Living organisms expand and contract soft tissues to achieve complex, 3-D movements and functions, but replicating those movements with man-made materials has proven challenging. A University of Texas at Arlington researcher recently published groundbreaking research […]