supporting bridges
Advanced Materials

Supporting brace for historical steel bridges

04.02.2019 tribonet 88 Views

Empa scientists are saving iron bridges from the 19th century from collapse. Carbon fiber plasters are strengthening the crumbling structures. A railway bridge in Switzerland and a road bridge in Australia have already been reinforced […]

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What is Nanotribology? Nanotribology or molecular tribology is one of the most significant components of tribology which is concerned with atomic and molecular interaction at a nanoscale, occurring upon the frictional contact of materials or lubrication. […]



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What is Triboluminescence? Triboluminescence is tribology phenomenon resulting in the generation of light through creating any frictional interaction between the materials. The term for this phenomenon comes from a combination of the greek word for […]



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What is triboelectricity? Triboelectricity refers to the electrification of dissimilar objects or materials occurred due to the collision resulting in the phenomenal flow of electrons from one material to other balancing the potential difference. The […]

wear resistant plastics 2019

Wear-Resistant Plastics 2019

17.01.2019 tribonet 24 Views

The second edition of Wear-Resistant Plastics will focus on the critical area of polymer tribology, and explore how it can open new applications, particularly in metal replacement. The event will be returning to Hotel Nikko, Düsseldorf. Industry […]