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Paper Tribology

06.04.2017 HARSHVARDHAN SINGH 799 Views
Paper, an essential commodity in our day to day life. The following articles describes how Tribology plays an important role in paper manufacturing industries. Friction in paper Friction coefficient is an important parameter in paper […]
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Ancient Tribology artifacts looted ??

13.03.2017 HARSHVARDHAN SINGH 1819 Views
Today’s article is neither about advances in Tribology nor about its application, its about the beginning of Tribology. Everyone who has studied tribology via formal or informal education must be familiar with the image of […]
Bio Tribology

Ocular Tribology

09.03.2017 HARSHVARDHAN SINGH 700 Views
The word “ocular” refers to “related to eyes or vision”. Ocular tribology can be regarded as one of the application areas of biotribology where tribology is applied to solve tribological issues (friction, wear and lubrication) […]
Atomistic Tribology

Tribology and MEMS

21.02.2017 HARSHVARDHAN SINGH 1141 Views
For the convenience of our readers who are not familiar with MEMS technology, we have first given a brief introduction to MEMS. Defining Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS)   In a simpler way, MEMS can be defined […]
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Tribology in Abrasive Waterjets

07.02.2017 HARSHVARDHAN SINGH 1115 Views
Waterjet machining can be referred to as a material removal process which uses a high velocity stream of water or a mixture of water and abrasives. Waterjet machining can be categorized into: [1][3] Pure water […]
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Tribocatalysis: An overview

24.01.2017 HARSHVARDHAN SINGH 1446 Views
Catalysis A catalyst is a substance that speeds up a chemical reaction, but is not consumed by the reaction; hence a catalyst can be recovered chemically unchanged at the end of the reaction it has […]
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Triboluminescence: Light it up

18.01.2017 HARSHVARDHAN SINGH 1425 Views
The term Triboluminescence comes from the Greek τρίβειν (“to rub”; see tribology) and the Latin lumen (light). Triboluminescence is a flash of light produced when a material is subjected to friction, impact or breakage or in plane words can be understood as […]