Advanced Materials

3D print colloidal crystals

12.11.2018 tribonet 199 Views

MIT engineers have united the principles of self-assembly and 3-D printing using a new technique, which they highlight today in the journal Advanced Materials. By their direct-write colloidal assembly process, the researchers can build centimeter-high crystals, […]

fish fin
Bio Tribology

Mysteries of the Fish Fin Revealed

05.11.2018 tribonet 146 Views

The rayed structure of the fin is found in greater than 99% of all living fish species – a testament to its versatility. Among many other maneuvers, fish use it to stay still in moving […]

metal pink
Advanced Materials

Developing a new kind of Metallic Glass

01.11.2018 tribonet 141 Views

Yale researchers have discovered a method for creating a new kind of metallic glass, a class of materials made from complex alloys. By shrinking samples of metallic glass to nanoscale size, Yale researchers have discovered […]

General Topics

A Better Way to 3D Print Metallic Glass

25.10.2018 tribonet 538 Views

In the last several years, 3D printing with plastics has advanced rapidly. Now, a team of researchers have shown that it may soon be as easy and practical to use metals with 3D printing. Led […]

glass layer
Advanced Materials

Study reveals clue to Glass Mystery

18.10.2018 tribonet 159 Views

Addressing a centuries-old question, researchers have uncovered a key element to how glasses transition into very resilient states. This breakthrough could allow for more reliable ways to use glasses — metallic glasses in particular — […]

laser chaos
General Topics

The cure for chaotic lasers? More chaos, of course

15.10.2018 tribonet 40 Views

An international, Yale-led research team has taken a new approach to stabilizing high-power lasers: They’re fighting chaos with chaos. There has been a rapidly growing demand for high-power lasers for applications such as materials processing, […]