Bone-like structure of steel
Advanced Materials

Bone-like structure of steel to fight fatigue

15.05.2017 tribonet 430 Views
Metal fatigue can lead to abrupt and sometimes catastrophic failures in parts that undergo repeated loading, or stress. It’s a major cause of failure in structural components of everything from aircraft and spacecraft to bridges […]
Bio Tribology

Lubricating industry naturally

09.05.2017 tribonet 247 Views
Sesame oil might make a viable and sustainable alternative to mineral oil as an industrial lubricant, according to research published in the International Journal of Agricultural Resources, Governance and Ecology. Sabarinath Sankaran Nair, Kumarapillai Prabhakaran […]
Flexible Triboelectric Generator
Advanced Materials

Triboelectricity to power your watch

09.05.2017 tribonet 698 Views
Despite the many advances in portable electronic devices, one thing remains constant: the need to plug them into a wall socket to recharge. Now researchers, reporting in the journal ACS Nano, have developed a light-weight, […]
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Holography to count wear particles

04.05.2017 tribonet 0 Views
Optical engineers from ITMO University in Saint Petersburg developed an express method for estimating the distribution of particles in optically transparent media based on correlation analysis of holograms. As a big part of the study, […]
Tribology News

MicroRNA may reduce stroke risk

04.05.2017 tribonet 35 Views
If a plaque inside a neck artery ruptures, blood clots can form that could lead to a stroke. MicroRNA can prevent this by stabilizing plaques. (image: Eraxion / istockphoto) The molecule microRNA-210 stabilises deposits in […]