Controllable surface texture
Advanced Materials

A multifunctional, multiscale, reconfigurable surface

31.07.2018 tribonet 49 Views

Composite surface has features that can move microparticles, mix droplets, repel biofilms and more [embedded content] An international team of researchers, led by Harvard University, have developed a dynamic surface with reconfigurable topography that can […]

Advanced Materials

A Novel Method to Grow Elastic Diamonds

25.07.2018 [email protected] 38 Views

Diamonds is the strongest naturally occurring material on Earth. It is also renowned for its incomparable properties, such as high stiffness, exceptional thermal conductivity, high chemical resistance, and high optical transparency. Although these remarkable properties […]

Advanced Materials

Tiny brushes to control lubricity

19.07.2018 tribonet 146 Views

A type of molecular surface thought to be extremely slippery may not stay that way under all conditions, according to new UChicago and Argonne research in Science. The study by scientists from the Institute for […]

MIT and Brigham and Women’s Hospital researchers have devised a new way to create flexible polymer gels using caffeine as a catalyst.
Advanced Materials

Polymer synthesis gets a jolt of caffeine

09.07.2018 tribonet 76 Views

Using the stimulant as a catalyst, researchers create new gels for drug delivery. Caffeine is well-known for its ability to help people stay alert, but a team of researchers at MIT and Brigham and Women’s […]

Researchers at MIT have found a way to make graphene with fewer wrinkles, and to iron out the wrinkles that do appear. They found each wafer exhibited uniform performance, meaning that electrons flowed freely across each wafer, at similar speeds, even across previously wrinkled regions.
Advanced Materials

Researchers “iron out” graphene’s wrinkles

06.07.2018 tribonet 55 Views

New technique produces highly conductive graphene wafers. From an electron’s point of view, graphene must be a hair-raising thrill ride. For years, scientists have observed that electrons can blitz through graphene at velocities approaching the […]

vacuum oil flow
Advanced Materials

Stability of vacuum oil in space

25.06.2018 tribonet 798 Views

A research team from the Research Institute of Mechanics, MSU together with a colleague from the Center of New Space Technologies, MAI described the behavior of a liquid sheet (vacuum oil) propagating in open space. […]