houston podcast ep16 spacesuits
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14.02.2018 tribonet 30 Views
Listen Now “Houston, We Have a Podcast” is the official podcast of the NASA Johnson Space Center, the home of human spaceflight, stationed in Houston, Texas. We bring space right to you! On this podcast, you’ll […]
Advanced Materials

New Ti3N4 coating developed: semiconducting, wear resistant

31.01.2018 tribonet 94 Views
A team of experimental and computational scientists led by Carnegie’s Tim Strobel and Venkata Bhadram have synthesized a long sought-after form of titanium nitride, Ti3N4, which has promising mechanical and optoelectronic properties. Standard titanium nitride […]
Advanced Materials

The Snowflake that Became Famous

19.01.2018 tribonet 93 Views
In recent days, the media has reported on a new type of snowflake, the so-called trunkstar snowflake, not previously observed by scientists. Behind the discovery is a completely new method of depicting snowflakes made at […]
3D printed lungs
Advanced Materials

Replicate body parts with 3D printing

18.01.2018 tribonet 103 Views
A new 3D printing technique allows researchers to replicate biological structures, which could be used for tissue regeneration and replica organs. Imperial College London researchers have developed a new method for creating 3D structures using […]
Gecko Adhesion
Advanced Materials

Gecko adhesion principles for robots

08.01.2018 tribonet 94 Views
Gecko Adhesion Technology Moves Closer To Industrial Uses Michael Varenberg, an assistant professor in Georgia Tech’s George W. Woodruff School of Mechanical Engineering. A gecko scampering up a wall or across a ceiling has long […]
Advanced Materials

Improved triboelectric nanogenerators developed

05.01.2018 tribonet 84 Views
New world standard in nano electricity generators University of Alberta researchers have developed a new way to produce electrical power; power that could be used charge small devices used to monitor pipelines and medical implants, […]
mechanical testing of nanopillar
Advanced Materials

Material for new nanoelectromechanical devices

03.01.2018 tribonet 62 Views
By Justin Eure A team of scientists from the U.S. Department of Energy’s Brookhaven National Laboratory and the University of Connecticut have developed a customizable nanomaterial that combines metallic strength with a foam-like ability to […]