Advanced Materials

Alloy Strength is Improved by Tiny Additions

22.07.2017 tribonet 747 Views
Nanoparticles improve the strength of metallic alloys. Superalloys are the wonder materials of metallurgy. By fine-tuning their composition, scientists can increase mechanical strength and improve resistance to corrosion and high-temperature shape changes. A*STAR researchers have […]
Advanced Materials

The Disarming Power of Foam

17.07.2017 tribonet 1191 Views
When an improvised explosive device is found lying on the ground, there are several ways to neutralize it. Perhaps the most effective method is to pop a tent over the explosive, then pump the tent […]
lithium, structure
Advanced Materials

Peering at the Crystal Structure of Lithium

28.06.2017 tribonet 138 Views
Elemental metals usually form simple, close-packed crystalline structures. Though lithium (Li) is considered a typical simple metal, its crystal structure at ambient pressure and low temperature remains unknown. Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) researchers recently […]
Wind turbines
Advanced Materials

Assessing the strength of wind turbine steel

16.06.2017 tribonet 893 Views
Wind turbines rise into the sky on enormous feet. To ensure these giants can reliably generate electricity for many years to come, the iron processing industry must manufacture their massive components in a stable, resource-saving […]
glassy carbon
Advanced Materials

Hard, but highly elastic form of carbon developed

14.06.2017 tribonet 1321 Views
Washington, DC— A team including several Carnegie scientists has developed a form of ultrastrong, lightweight carbon that is also elastic and electrically conductive. A material with such a unique combination of properties could serve a […]
Bone-like structure of steel
Advanced Materials

Bone-like structure of steel to fight fatigue

15.05.2017 tribonet 738 Views
Metal fatigue can lead to abrupt and sometimes catastrophic failures in parts that undergo repeated loading, or stress. It’s a major cause of failure in structural components of everything from aircraft and spacecraft to bridges […]