Bio Tribology

Lubricating industry naturally

09.05.2017 tribonet 401 Views
Sesame oil might make a viable and sustainable alternative to mineral oil as an industrial lubricant, according to research published in the International Journal of Agricultural Resources, Governance and Ecology. Sabarinath Sankaran Nair, Kumarapillai Prabhakaran […]
Bio Tribology

Hair Tribology

20.03.2017 HARSHVARDHAN SINGH 1181 Views
The field of Tribology is not just limited to metals and their lubrication. The science of Tribology is applicable to our day to day life. One such area where friction, wear and lubrication persists is […]
Bio Tribology

Ocular Tribology

09.03.2017 HARSHVARDHAN SINGH 606 Views
The word “ocular” refers to “related to eyes or vision”. Ocular tribology can be regarded as one of the application areas of biotribology where tribology is applied to solve tribological issues (friction, wear and lubrication) […]
Bio Tribology

Tribology and medical textiles

23.11.2016 HARSHVARDHAN SINGH 625 Views
In pharmacology, a drug is defined as a natural or synthetic substance other than food, used in treatment, cure, prevention, mitigation or diagnosis of a disease [1]. A drug can be taken by the patient […]
Bio Tribology

Food Tribology

25.10.2016 HARSHVARDHAN SINGH 1621 Views
Tribology is the science of interacting surfaces in relative motion and of related subjects and practices. Earlier application of tribology was only limited to automotive industry but continuous research into field has opened new areas […]
Bio Tribology

Superlubricity with Green Lubricant

12.09.2016 Aydar Akchurin 1211 Views
Superlubricity is a state of vanishing sliding friction. It has been reported in glycerol/water mixture lubricated contacts, graphene-gold interface,  interface in presence of graphene and in other conditions. Increasing number of reports on superlubricity in […]