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On the history of elastohydrodynamics

01.02.2018 tribonet 549 Views
Here we present an abstract to a paper devoted to the history of eastohydrodynamic theory and his founder – Alexander Mohrenstein-Ertel. This paper discusses in detailes the peculiar biography of the scientist and the early years of the […]
surface coating
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Coatings to prevent Pipeline Clogging

17.01.2018 tribonet 390 Views
Solution developed at MIT could stop buildup of hydrate ices that slow or block oil and gas flow. When the Deepwater Horizon oil rig suffered a catastrophic explosion and blowout on April 21, 2010, leading […]
heat shrink
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3D-printed Structures Shrink when Heated

12.01.2018 tribonet 108 Views
Counterintuitive “metamaterial” may enable heat-resistant circuit boards. Almost all solid materials, from rubber and glass to granite and steel, inevitably expand when heated. Only in very rare instances do certain materials buck this thermodynamic trend […]
space suit
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Safer, Tougher Spacesuits

28.12.2017 tribonet 118 Views
NASA supports UD technology that protects spacesuits from punctures, projectiles. Astronauts are a smart, courageous and resilient lot, no doubt about that. But when they go out for a walk in space – in environments […]
metal crystal
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Method to view the Crystal Structure of Metals

27.12.2017 tribonet 112 Views
Method uses readily available tools to quickly determine materials’ properties. Researchers at MIT and elsewhere have developed a new combination of methods that can provide detailed information about the microstructure of polycrystalline metals. Such materials […]
interfaces between solids
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The power of Hidden Patterns

25.12.2017 tribonet 37 Views
Interfaces within materials can be patterned as a means of controlling the properties of composites. Patterned surfaces are all the rage among researchers seeking to induce surfaces to repel water or adhere to other things, […]