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Holography to count wear particles

04.05.2017 tribonet 54 Views
Optical engineers from ITMO University in Saint Petersburg developed an express method for estimating the distribution of particles in optically transparent media based on correlation analysis of holograms. As a big part of the study, […]
Tribology News

MicroRNA may reduce stroke risk

04.05.2017 tribonet 146 Views
If a plaque inside a neck artery ruptures, blood clots can form that could lead to a stroke. MicroRNA can prevent this by stabilizing plaques. (image: Eraxion / istockphoto) The molecule microRNA-210 stabilises deposits in […]
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Triboelectricity Shapes Titan Surface

03.05.2017 tribonet 17 Views
Experiments led by researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology suggest the particles that cover the surface of Saturn’s largest moon, Titan, are “electrically charged.” When the wind blows hard enough (approximately 15 mph), Titan’s […]