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Summer school of Italian association of Tribology (AIT) @ Palazzo Fruscione
Aug 28 – Sep 1 all-day

The lecture topics includes, but not limited to:

Thin film flow modelling. Including hands-on finite difference method implementation of a solution procedure for the 2D Reynolds equation in cylindrical coordinates.
Modelling cavitation in hydrodynamic lubrication by means of the LCP method.

Computational methods for the solution of contact problems, with focus on the boundary element method and the finite element method.
The effect of roughness in contact mechanics, including multi-field problems.

Friction and wear of fullerene-like WS2 & MoS2  nanoparticles. Mechanisms and Applications
Friction, wear and structure of FCC metals and alloys in the transition from elasto-hydrodynamic to boundary lubrication.

Contact mechanics of viscoelastic materials