Challenges in Tribology

16.03.2017 – 17.03.2017 all-day

About this event

This two-day event will attempt to address current challenges in the field of transport and for development of materials and surface coatings for use in extreme environments. The latter have many applications for friction and wear reduction in tools for machining and for components required for energy-efficient transport systems. There will be a two day programme of invited speakers, poster sessions, exhibitions of manufacturer’s equipment and a round-table discussion. There will be a two minute slot for brief presentations by poster authors and a prize for the best poster.

The issue of transportation and the environment is paradoxical in nature since transportation conveys substantial socioeconomic benefits, but at the same time, transportation is impacting environmental systems. From one side, transportation activities support increasing mobility demands for passengers and freight, while, on the other, transport activities are associated with growing levels of environmental issues. The growth of personal and freight mobility in recent decades have expanded the role of transportation as a source of emission of pollutants and their multiple impacts on the environment.

As the late Professor Peter Jost pointed out some years ago over 25-30% of our energy usage in running machines and transport systems is used in overcoming friction. More gains in energy-saving could be obtained by operating engines at higher temperatures where, not only fuel efficiency increases, but also, a fuller combustion process occurs which minimises ejection of unused fuel in the exhaust gases. To achieve such gains the development and analysis of new materials and coatings is essential. The speakers and discussion sessions will provide latest information and identify new challenges in all these areas.

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