Happy New Year and 2016 tribonet Awards

Happy New Year

The holidays are here!  And here at tribonet, we would like to wish all our readers the very best for the new year.  Many blessings, love and happiness to the entire tribonet community!

Happy New Year

It was a great year for tribonet, thanks to the readers and the authors! With the ending of 2016 year we decided to announce awards for the authors of tribonet in three categories:


Most Popular Article Award

Most Discussed Article Award

Most Promising Article Award



In the first category, the Award goes to Rick Shankman for the contribution with the highest number of views (over 3,000) entitled In Situ Nanopolishing(ISN): A New Lubrication Paradigm Aimed at Permanent Surface Perfection!  Rick advocates for the in-situ nano polishing approach for friction elimination and his contribution highlights the most important aspects of this theory.  Rick, thank you for this post and we hope to see more of your articles in the coming year!

Most Popular Article

In the second category, Dennis Ernens is the winner with his contribution entitled Nordtrib 2016: conference summary and outlook on the field of tribology 50 years after the Jost report. Dennis attended the Nordtrib 2016 conference and round table discussion regarding the future and the past of tribology. The summary of his experience got a huge attention and sparked a discussion with the highest number of comments.

Most Discussed Article

In the third category, Harsh Vardhan Singh takes it. Harsh became active on tribonet relatively recently, but started in a very energetic manner! His contribution entitled Tribological evaluation of condoms: A hypothesis  touches a most universally relevant (and sensitive) topic! We at tribonet have to push tribology community to pay more attention to this question as – errr… the rewards therefrom can be very promising!

Most Promising Article

Many thanks to everyone in the tribonet community for their contributions to this project!

Happy New Year from tribonet!






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  1. WOW! Actually, thanks to the people for the nice discussion that was sparked. I wish you all a happy new year!

    Also a big thank you to you Aydar for setting up and maintaining this website.

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