LUDECA unwraps LUBExpert Acoustic Lubrication Solution, the best new way to grease bearings

LUBExpert comes with the new LUBEsense contact sensor and with a custom swivel cradle to mount the LUBExpert to any standard grease gun.

Ultrasound testing and machinery lubrication are key elements in a successful Asset Condition Management program. At a relatively insignificant capital entry cost, the benefits to reliability and operating cost savings produced by ultrasound assisted lubrication can be truly enormous.

LUBExpert combines SDT’s (A series of lubrication products) strong measurement capabilities and clever user interface to create an on-board lubrication and greasing assistant. Intelligent algorithms guide lube-techs before, during, and after re-greasing resulting in optimal lubrication parameters on all assets.

With only a few machine parameters, LUBExpert monitors each stroke of grease and its effect on bearing friction and temperature. Before and after bearing conditions are reported with a “GOOD”, “BAD”, or “SUSPECT” status report.

The LUBExpert package includes the UltraAnalysis Suite (UAS) software which powers the data management aspects of LUBExpert. With UAS, you can design specific lubrication routes and set intervals based on either calendar or condition. UAS knows the capacity of each bearing so over-lubrication is a thing of the past. You can trend friction levels before and after lubrication and generate grease consumption reports for each asset or for your entire plant.

LUBExpert makes sure bearings are greased right:

  1. It reminds to use the right lubricant
  2. It guides to the right location
  3. It tells to lubricate on the right interval
  4. It prevents over and under lubrication with the right quantity
  5. It gives the right indicators for lubrication and bearing condition

Watch video and learn more:


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