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Aydar AkchurinAydar Akchurin

PhD (Tribology), Researcher at University of Twente, Enschede, the Netherlands. Expertise in modeling of lubrication, friction and wear.

Dennis ErnensDennis Ernens

PhD researcher at the University of Twente, Enschede, The Netherlands. Working on simulating running in of deterministic rough-rough boundary lubricated contacts under influence of coatings and particles.

F. Xavier BorrasF. Xavier Borras

PhD Researcher & Founder of TriboEngineering

Febin CyriacFebin Cyriac

PhD (tribology), grease rheology and lubrication expert.


Harshvardhan Singh is an Automotive Engineer and has good experience in lubrication science and experimental tribology. He loves to write about tribology and related fields such as coating technology, surface engineering and others.

Rick ShankmanRick Shankman

Dr. Rick Shankman, ACS APS AIChE MIET is the CEO at Phantaslube LLC, maker of patented Phantaslube® (nontoxic, graphene-based) molecular nanopolishing lubricant technology. Dr. Shankman's research also includes the bottom-up reflux synthesis of graphene from simple carbonaceous precursors and subsequent hydrophobic self-assembly of large area graphene films on the surface of water.


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