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1st International Conference on Numerical Modelling in Engineering

28.11.2017 tribonet 10 Views
When: 28.08.2018 – 29.08.2018 all-day
Where: Ghent University, Ghent, Belgium

The first international conference on Numerical Modelling in Engineering (NME 2018) will be held in the city of Ghent, Belgium. The overall objective of the conference is to bring together international scientists and engineers in […]

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Learning from Mussels

28.11.2017 tribonet 89 Views
A marine bivalve inspires researchers to find a new way to make stronger, more stretchy polymers A wide range of polymer-based materials, from tire rubber and wetsuit neoprene to Lycra clothing and silicone, are elastomers […]
banana stepping
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The science of slippery bananas

24.11.2017 tribonet 302 Views
They’re yellow. They’re radioactive. And they’re very slippery. Yes, they’re bananas, and we have just found out why they’re so slippery. So yellow … yes we all know that. But radioactive? Well yes, bananas are […]
Visualization of vortices droplet
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How to float your coffee creamer?

23.11.2017 tribonet 71 Views
Study explains how droplets can “levitate” on liquid surfaces. A drop or two of cold cream in hot coffee can go a long way toward improving one’s morning. But what if the two liquids didn’t […]
Droplet motion
Advanced Materials

Droplet friction is similar to solid friction

21.11.2017 tribonet 317 Views
Researchers of the Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research have investigated friction of liquid droplets on surfaces. A larger force is needed to set in motion stationary droplets than to keep moving droplets in motion. […]
graphene solar cells
Advanced Materials

Transparent, flexible solar cells

20.11.2017 tribonet 80 Views
Researchers develop a novel technique using graphene to create solar cells they can mount on surfaces ranging from glass to plastic to paper and tape. Imagine a future in which solar cells are all around […]
Reinforced concrete
Advanced Materials

MIT: use recycled plastic to reinforce concrete

17.11.2017 tribonet 39 Views
Discarded plastic bottles could one day be used to build stronger, more flexible concrete structures, from sidewalks and street barriers, to buildings and bridges, according to a new study. MIT undergraduate students have found that, […]
super elastic material
Advanced Materials

Highly elastic shape-memory material discovered

15.11.2017 tribonet 72 Views
UConn materials science and engineering researcher Seok-Woo Lee and his colleagues have discovered super-elastic shape-memory properties in a material that could be applied for use as an actuator in the harshest of conditions, such as […]
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How do you wear your teeth?

14.11.2017 tribonet 86 Views
 Food leaves permanent traces on teeth. Cows chewing on grass, tigers tearing up a piece of raw meat and humans munching on tortilla chips all end up with tiny scratches and nicks on the enamel […]