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8th International Forum in Tribochemistry

07.02.2018 tribonet 13 Views
When: 12.09.2019 – 14.09.2019 all-day
Where: Hakodate, Hokkaido, Japan

“Tribochemistry Hakodate 2019” will be held on September 12 (Thu.) – 14 (Sat.), 2019 in the Hotel Takubokutei, in Hakodate, Hokkaido, Japan. It will be held as a satellite forum of ITC-Sendai.This is the 8th […]

General Topics

On the history of elastohydrodynamics

01.02.2018 tribonet 325 Views
Here we present an abstract to a paper devoted to the history of eastohydrodynamic theory and his founder – Alexander Mohrenstein-Ertel. This paper discusses in detailes the peculiar biography of the scientist and the early years of the […]
Advanced Materials

New Ti3N4 coating developed: semiconducting, wear resistant

31.01.2018 tribonet 96 Views
A team of experimental and computational scientists led by Carnegie’s Tim Strobel and Venkata Bhadram have synthesized a long sought-after form of titanium nitride, Ti3N4, which has promising mechanical and optoelectronic properties. Standard titanium nitride […]
Adhesion of Rough Solids
Computational Tribology

Some open problems in adhesion (of rough surfaces)

30.01.2018 tribonet 204 Views
By M.Ciavarella, A. Papangelo. Politecnico di BARI, Italy. Adhesion for ‘‘soft’’ bodies shows instabilities like in the simple case of a single sinusoid even in the so called JKR regime (Johnson 1995) which leads to […]
Tribology News

White etching cracks

29.01.2018 tribonet 168 Views
Today, bearing failure due to rolling contact fatigue is generally a rare occurrence, and the final achieved service life of rolling bearings is usually well in excess of the calculated rating life. There are instances, […]
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Fatigue and Tribology: Mini Symposium, ESMC 2018

27.01.2018 tribonet 24 Views
When: 02.07.2018 – 06.07.2018 all-day
Where: Bologna, Metropolitan City of Bologna, Italy

10th European Solid Mechanics Conference Mini-symposium title 3-13 – Fatigue and Tribology Organizers Filippo Berto (NTNU), Michele Ciavarella (Politecnico di Bari), Daniele Dini (Imperial College London) Mini-symposium description Fatigue is an old problem, but still responsible […]