coefficients of kinetic and static friction

A block of wood which is 20Newtons is at rest on a horizontal surface.A chord is attached to the block horizontally.The tension in the chord is gradually increased to 6Newtons before block starts to slide and a force of 3Newtons will keep the block moving at a constant speed.Calculate the coefficients of static friction and kinetic friction.

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  1. Hi
    I did ask this recently (before I had registered, so may not have been listed). If here twice; my apologies (but I cannot see it).
    Here goes:
    It is probably very simple, and answer is probably ‘NO!’ but, just in case there are any helpful pointers.
    Storing shotgun barrels. These are usually oiled with preservative oil of some sort after cleaning.
    This oil tends to run down the bores and gets into gun stocks via firing pin holes. This discolours the wooden stock and, ultimayely, also rots the wood.
    The easy answer (as I deploy) is to store barrels down. But a lot of owners do not like doing this.

    IS there any type of metal preservative oil (or light grease) that can defy the laws of Gravity and remain in place (so as not to run down the bores?)

    The principle may apply to others seeking to protect tubes stored vertically but in this case it is sporting shotgun barrel protection I am most concerned with.
    Any help, advice, suggestions or pointers very much appreciated.
    Regards. Richard Atkins

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