Modeling friction

Does anyone know how to model friction?

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  1. For Dry Friction I would go with:
    Ff <= CoF * Fn
    Ff = Friction force
    CoF = Coefficent of friction, static or dynamic
    Fn = Normal Force
    Regardless of the Contact Area (aparent or real)

    However this does not explain why it is recommended to increase the pressure of your car tyres when driving on snow… the weight of my car is the same… any idea?

  2. Thanks for a reply! 🙂

    But I am actually curious about how to model this CoF thing. It is frequently not as constant as it thought to be. So maybe there are some interesting models?

    Regarding the tires, it is an interesting question. I would guess, that it should be vice versa. In the limiting case, if you deflate your tires completely, you definitely increase friction force (and CoF as well, since the car weight is the same). So it seems to be counter intuitive to ask to over inflate the tires on snow. My guess would be it is needed to keep the texture of the tire in the optimal shape, since the outside air temperature may be low. This low ambient temperature could drop the pressure inside the tire and deteriorate the performance of the thread. But this is a wild guess. 🙂

  3. One concept of modeling static friction can be found in a paper from 2010:
    “Revisiting the Cattaneo–Mindlin Concept of Interfacial Slip in Tangentially Loaded Compliant Bodies” DOI: 10.1115/1.4001238

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