Power spectrum of rough surfaces

Does anyone know how to calculate the power spectrum density of rough surfaces in Matlab?

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  1. I have developed a code in MATLAB for power spectrum analysis using FFT algorithm. This is working well, I am using it for characterizing surfaces measured using stylus, optical, or AFM based profilometry techniques. Please write me in e-mail for further details.

  2. It’s the FFT of the autocorrelation function, in python (free for everyone, just as good as matlab, way more popular in the wider world):
    import scipy.signal
    import numpy as np
    # profile is the surface profile
    # grid_spacing is the profile grid spacing in whatever unit you like
    # (frequencies will be in the same unit)
    # The frequencies in the x an y direction are given by:
    x_f=np.fft.fftfreq(profile.shape[0], grid_spacing)
    y_f=np.fft.fftfreq(profile.shape[1], grid_spacing)

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