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Advanced Materials

Developing a new kind of Metallic Glass

01.11.2018 tribonet 172 Views

Yale researchers have discovered a method for creating a new kind of metallic glass, a class of materials made from complex alloys. By shrinking samples of metallic glass to nanoscale size, Yale researchers have discovered […]

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Advanced Materials

Study reveals clue to Glass Mystery

18.10.2018 tribonet 173 Views

Addressing a centuries-old question, researchers have uncovered a key element to how glasses transition into very resilient states. This breakthrough could allow for more reliable ways to use glasses — metallic glasses in particular — […]

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Atomistic Tribology

Friction has memory

18.06.2018 tribonet 1,376 Views

Experiments show that the friction between two surfaces depends on their history of contact and that this “memory” is reminiscent of the behavior of glasses. Contrary to what you may have learned in high school, […]