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Learning from Mussels

28.11.2017 tribonet 150 Views

A marine bivalve inspires researchers to find a new way to make stronger, more stretchy polymers A wide range of polymer-based materials, from tire rubber and wetsuit neoprene to Lycra clothing and silicone, are elastomers […]

Droplet motion
Advanced Materials

Droplet friction is similar to solid friction

21.11.2017 tribonet 361 Views

Researchers of the Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research have investigated friction of liquid droplets on surfaces. A larger force is needed to set in motion stationary droplets than to keep moving droplets in motion. […]

blue streak wovening
Advanced Materials

Engineering on a Blue Streak

30.07.2017 tribonet 95 Views

UD researchers pioneer greener way to create interwoven polymers with blue light. A pair of engineers at the University of Delaware has developed a process to form interwoven polymer networks more easily, quickly and sustainably […]