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22.11.2016 tribonet
  Friction Definition Friction is a force acting opposite to the direction of relative motion. Friction rises on the interface between bodies, but may also develop within the body.Examples of the latter include air and […]
AFM tip with graphene ribbon sliding against the gold substrate


12.11.2016 tribonet
Superlubricity is a recently invented term in tribology, which is generally defined as the state, at which the friction coefficient is low. The definition of “low” is not quite clear, but it can be assumed […]
Da Vinci Tribology


27.10.2016 tribonet
Tribology is the science of friction, wear and lubrication and is truly interdisciplinary. It studies the interaction of moving surfaces. Tribology solutions are applied in automotive industry, bearings, space, sports, food, health and biomedical, renewable […]