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Tribometers are the devices used to analyze and characterize tribological systems. The most common direct measurement is the measurement of friction coefficient (and shear strength). During the post processing stage other quantities can be measured, such as wear volume, surface roughness evolution, tribofilm thickness, etc. Tribometers can also operate at various scales, ranging from macroscale to nanoscale measurements.

The following are common tribometers:

Four Ball Test
Reciprocating Sliding Friction and Wear test


Dry sand rubber/wheel abrasion test


Falex Pin & Vee Block Test
Timken Test
High temperature Tribometer
Low temperature Tribometer
Vacuum Tribometer
Micro Tribometer
Nano Tribometer
Scratch Test Instrument
Taber Abraser Test
Air Jet Erosion Test
Water/Slurry Jet Erosion Test
Tribocorrosion test systems

A list of various tribometers and their specifications is given on tribometers page.

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