Energy consumption in transportation
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Green Tribology

16.09.2019 Aydar Akchurin 519 Views

Tribology is Integral to Global Energy Consumption, Costs and Emissions Three principle industries in today’s society are transportation, power generation, and manufacturing. All three industries involve machines of all types, with moving parts subject to […]

Atomic scale friction on graphene
Advanced Materials

Graphene vs. MoS2: Which One Has Lower Friction?

26.08.2019 tribonet 896 Views

Two-dimensional (2D) materials, layered structures having atomic- to nano-scale thickness, have shown unique physical properties such as high in-plane stiffness combined with extremely low out of plane bending rigidity. 2D materials have been used in […]

tribology of earthquakes
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Tribology of Earthquakes

19.08.2019 tribonet 307 Views

Earthquakes are the sudden shaking of the ground caused by seismic waves passing through Earth’s rocks. These seismic waves occur when energy stored in the Earth’s crust is released suddenly, typically when large masses of […]