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shear thickening
Atomistic Tribology

Discontinuous Shear Thickening

If you sometimes wander on youtube, you have probably already seen a video about experiments on cornstarch mixed with water. They were quite popular a few years ago. These videos show the surprising properties of […]

surface roughness image
General Topics

Can full film occur when Lambda = 0.6?

The holy grail of tribologists studying lubricated systems is often to predict the contact lifespan. For this purpose, you can compute the minimum film thickness separating the two bodies… but only if you make the […]

get cited
General Topics

How to get cited!

After years of research, problem solving and brain storming the fact that a fellow researcher found your work helpful in his own research is so fulfilling. This makes citing one of the most important factors […]

Computational Tribology

Nanoscale friction on thin films

In nature ‘entities’, either be living or non-living tend to behave differently at different scales by exhibiting different properties. Which play a major role in the way we frame our perspectives and opinions on them. […]


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