Atomic scale friction on graphene
Advanced Materials

Graphene vs. MoS2: Which One Has Lower Friction?

26.08.2019 tribonet 722 Views

Two-dimensional (2D) materials, layered structures having atomic- to nano-scale thickness, have shown unique physical properties such as high in-plane stiffness combined with extremely low out of plane bending rigidity. 2D materials have been used in […]

tribology of earthquakes
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Tribology of Earthquakes

19.08.2019 tribonet 230 Views

Earthquakes are the sudden shaking of the ground caused by seismic waves passing through Earth’s rocks. These seismic waves occur when energy stored in the Earth’s crust is released suddenly, typically when large masses of […]

Tribology News

Triboelectric Nanogenerators with Direct Current

22.07.2019 tribonet 202 Views

Concerns surrounding the sustainability of our environment continue to receive close attention around the world. Global citizens look for new technology to provide them with improved creature comforts while, at the same time, technology that […]

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Friction in Only One Direction

07.07.2019 tribonet 732 Views

Nature has amazed us since the beginning of time. It provides the foundation for all of our best ideas. The animal world provides the inspiration behind one of the new inventions in the world of […]

recuperative breaking
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Regenerative Brakes and Tribology

01.07.2019 tribonet 578 Views

Brakes are essential components in today’s mobile society. Today, most vehicles incorporate a combination of frictional and regenerative brakes. Frictional Brakes Frictional brakes are typically hydraulic, utilizing hydraulic fluid take the pressure from the brake […]