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Firearm Lubrication

Introduction   A gun is a device or ranged weapon that utilizes pressure or explosive force to propel a projectile. It is designed to launch projectiles with accuracy and force. While guns come in various […]

Why Tribology is Important in Mechanical Engineering
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Tribology of gears

Introduction Gears are the mechanical transmission elements that are toothed to transfer the motion and power between any mechanical components. They are widely used in various devices such as automobile parts, clocks, mechanical machines, bicycles, […]

The researchers intend to carry out more research using vanadium as the electrolyte, with practices to protect its oxidation by air. Initial experimentation shows that vanadium can be used and will cycle in a similar manner to the zinc iodide redox system.
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Microtubular flow battery

HIGHLIGHTS • The volumetric power density of a redox flow battery was increased through the development of a submillimeter bundled microtubular membrane (SBMT). • By using a zinc iodide redox, the volumetric power density for […]