The researchers intend to carry out more research using vanadium as the electrolyte, with practices to protect its oxidation by air. Initial experimentation shows that vanadium can be used and will cycle in a similar manner to the zinc iodide redox system.
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Microtubular flow battery

HIGHLIGHTS • The volumetric power density of a redox flow battery was increased through the development of a submillimeter bundled microtubular membrane (SBMT). • By using a zinc iodide redox, the volumetric power density for […]

Past efforts to demonstrate molecular motion include the synthesis of a motorized nanocar that is shown traveling across a gold surface. Photo courtesy of Rice University.
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A molecule motor driven by electricity

HIGHLIGHTS • A [3] catenane was synthesized that produces unidirectional motion in an electrochemical cell without generating any waste. • The unidirectional motion is achieved through a series of oxidation and reduction reactions. • Synthesis […]

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Reciprocating Sliding Friction and Wear test

Friction and wear are two important factors affecting mechanical components’ performance and durability. Reciprocating sliding friction and wear tests evaluate the tribological properties of materials and coatings under simulated sliding conditions. These tests can provide […]

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Environment Friendly Grease

Introduction Grease is a lubricating substance that is widely used in various industries, including automotive, manufacturing, and construction. However, traditional grease formulations can have a negative impact on the environment and human health due to […]

Figure 3. A schematic of the FTDT cell is shown with the key components identified. This cell effectively reduces carbon dioxide to carbon monoxide. Figure courtesy of the University of Waterloo.
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Electrolysis of carbon dioxide

By Dr. Neil Canter, Contributing Editor | TLT Tech Beat February 2023. Original article published in TLT Magazine. Researchers have prepared a continuous reactor that can convert carbon dioxide to carbon monoxide with a yield […]

The difference in the ability of commercial paints versus the lightweight paint in reflecting solar radiation is shown. Lightweight paint emits more infrared heat than it absorbs reducing the surface below ambient temperature making it attractive for assisting with the thermal management of mobile devices such as electric vehicles. Figure courtesy of Purdue University.
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Lightweight Paint

By Dr. Neil Canter, Contributing Editor | TLT Tech Beat February 2023. Original article published in TLT Magazine. This paint exhibits comparable solar reflectance but produces a much thinner coating leading to a reduction in […]