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Wear Particles
2020-04-16 05:01 #

Dear Dr. Aydar Akchurin,

My name is Dzung investigating wear particles. Currently, I try to use tribosimulator to study. However, I had some problems when I simulate it. The input file is OPD file. Simulation Type: Mixed-Lubricated Simulation. Macro Geometry: Line contact. Micro Geometry: rough and use only one surface. Contact Model: Semi-Analytic Elasto-Plastic. Solid Material: keep it. Lubrication Model: full numerical. Wear Model: Von Mises Stress Based (There are only 2 theory wear in your thesis, why does tribosimulator have 3 theory?). Tribochemistry, Thermal Modle: don’t use. Contact Conditions, Contact Grid, Hydrodynamic Grid: keep it. The problem is ”Reference to non-existent file FC”.

Best Regards,

Quoc Dzung

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