SERBIATRIB 19: 16th International Conference on Tribology

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About this event:

Created by TriboNet

Kragujevac (Serbia), at the Faculty of Engineering, University of Kragujevac

The SERBIATRIB Conference is celebrating its 30th anniversary.

This Conference is traditionally organized every two years, by Serbian Tribology Society and the Faculty of Engineering University of Kragujevac since 1989, with large participation of different universities and major industry players. Serbian Tribology Society is a full member of International Tribology Council (ITC) and Balkan Tribological Association.

The aim of the SERBIATRIB ’19 is to bring together researchers and engineers, to present and discuss ideas, experience, challenges, research results and potential solutions on topics relating to research and practice in tribology.

Conference Topics:

   • Fundamentals of friction and wear


   • Tribological properties of solid materials

   • Surface engineering and coating tribology

   • Lubricants and lubrication

   • Tribotesting and tribosystem monitoring

   • Tribology in machine elements

   • Tribology in manufacturing processes


   • Tribology in transportation engineering

   • Design and calculation of tribocontacts

   • Sealing tribology

   • Biotribology

   • Nano and microtribology

   • Other topics related to tribology

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