Multifunctional Ceramics for EMI Shielding and Materials for Tribological Applications

International Tribology Conference in Singapore 2019
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About this event:

Created by TriboNet

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

The scope of this symposium is focused on the progression in ceramics, metal oxides, polymer composites materials for shielding and tribological applications.

The symposium will cover wide range of materials processing methods, design aspects, modeling and simulations which will also encompasses nano materials, durable and wear resistive coatings.

The control of electromagnetic interference (EMI) becoming significant in many EMI absorption and shielding applications in engineering and medicine. Design and development of suitable EMI absorption/shielding materials have attracted considerable attention in high frequency and high power electronics.

The tribology of advanced composites is another theme of this symposium which will comprises Tribological evaluation in harsh operating environments; Bio-tribology; Nano-tribology and nano-mechanical composites analyses.

The topics include:

  • Ceramics/metal oxide based materials for shielding/absorbing applications.
  • Ferrites, hexaferrites, conductive coatings, laminates, nano composites, etc. as EMI/RFI absorbing/shielding materials.

 Tribological Applications:

  • Tribology of advanced composites materials: Ceramics/polymeric/ metals.
  • Tribological aspects for materials at harsh environments: elevated temperature, pressure, humid and corrosive conditions.
  • Bio-tribology, Nano-tribology, Green-tribology, Lubricants, Lubrication and Fuels.
  • Surfcae Tribology, Wear resistive and durable coatings for automotive/aerospace/green building applications.
  • Tribology in manufacturing.

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