3rd African Conference in Tribology

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About this event:

Created by TriboNet

Dakar, Senegal

This 3rd African Conference in Tribology will include a satellite forum on Biomechanics as a joint event.

Consequently, the program committee cordially invites research ideas in (but not limited to) the following suggested range of subjects:

African Conference in Tribology:

Tribology in transportation, tribology in industry, tribology in the space environment, tribology in energy production, nano-scale tribology, local and global contact measurements, multi-scale and multi-physics modeling in tribology, smart tribology, and others.

Satellite Forum on Biomechanics:


Bio-materials, bio-mechanics, bio-medicine, bio-robotics, bio-sensors, bio-fluids and heat transfer, and clinical investigations.

Further details here.

Administration of the project

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