62nd German Tribology Conference 2021

62nd German Tribology Conference 2021
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About this event:

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Online event

One year after the successful 61st German Tribology Conference held in 2020 as an online event, also the 62nd Conference from September 27 to 29 2021 will be organized this way. We were hoping that it would be possible to welcome you in Goettingen personally, but the currently increasing infection numbers, don’t allow this. Nevertheless, we rely on you that you will register as many contributions as in the last years. This year, the conference will also include a technical exhibition. You are invited to visit virtual booths


Key Topic 2021: Sustainability by Tribology


After the well-recognized GfT-Study on the potential of tribology for CO2-reduction and conservation of resources, the continuation addresses on “Wear Protection and Sustainability”. The contribution of tribology to a sustainable economy will also be the key topic of the next GfT conference and in this context the new study will be presented in detail. Also we ask for contributions from the following fields:

  • wear and endurance
  • environmental impact of wear debris
  • resource consumption a resource consumption and recycling of tribo-materials
  • sustainable lubricantsy


Of course, we also hope for interesting registrations for the core topics of tribology:


  • Tribosystems
  • Tribometry
  • Databases and Data Analysis
  • Materials and Materials Technology
  • Thin Layers and Surface Technologies
  • Lubricants and Lubrication Technology
  • Machining and Forming Technology
  • Machine Elements and Transmission Technology
  • Sealing Technology
  • Tribology in Automotive Technology
  • Tribology for Earth Drilling and Tunnelling
  • Biotribology, Life Science


Contributions to the key topics of recent years are still welcome


    • Haptics and Tactile Perception of Surfaces
    • Tribology for Earth Drilling and Tunnelling
    • Biotribology, Life Science
    • Databases and Data Analysis


If you like to participate in the virtual exhibition, please contact the office.

Please remember also to send us your suggestions for the GfT awards! Here you will find the conditions.

Deadline for registration of papers and posters is April 09, 2021 . Publication opportunities are the Conference Proceedings and the journal “Tribologie und Schmierungstechnik” (articles in English are welcome).

Further information here.

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