IndiaTrib-2022: 11th International Conference on Industrial Tribology

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About this event:

Created by TriboNet

Eros Hotel, Eros Hotel, Nehru Place, New Delhi

Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (India) is organizing the international conference IndiaTrib-2022 under the aegis of the Tribology Society of India. Tribology Society of India (TSI) is a premier professional society set up with a vision to spread awareness and practice of Tribology all across India. To fulfill this mission, the Society has been organizing International Conferences on Industrial Tribology biennially in different parts of the country, to enable the practitioners of tribology to discuss and showcase their work in various aspects of this multidisciplinary area.

The focus of IndiaTrib-2022 are studies that are being conducted around the world in various disciplines which are all connected by the basic principles of tribology. The conference will highlight various innovative solutions and emerging technology trends in Tribology for improving life and productivity of machines and profitability to the Industry. The scope of the conference will include, but not limited to, the topics:

  •      Tribology of Machine Elements
  •      Fundamentals of Friction
  •      Wear Mechanisms
  •      Surface Treatment & Coatings
  •      Adhesion, Contact Mechanics & Friction
  •      Lubrication, Lubricants & Additives
  •      Tribo-Testing
  •      Renewable Energy
  •      Wind Turbines
  •      Marine
  •      Automotive including Electrical Vehicles
  •      Space Applications
  •      Nuclear
  •      Nanotribology
  •      Bio-Tribology
  •      Tribology in Metalworking
  •      Tribology in Design & Manufacturing
  •      Tribology in Maintenance of Machinery
  •      Innovations in Tribology
  •      Tribology and Education
  •      Tribo-Corrosion
  •      Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Applications to Tribology
  •      Tribological Materials
  •      Green Tribology
  •      Drag Reduction in Miniature Flying Structures through Tribology
  •      Case Studies Related Social Impact of Tribology
  •      Tribotronics

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