Pin on disc
Pin on Disk Test

What is a Pin on Disk Test? Friction and wear (typically wear rates and wear resistance) characterization of materials is typically performed using various types of tribometers, while pin on disk test being probably one […]

brakes automotive polished
Friction Brakes

What is a friction brake? A brake refers to a device that primarily plays the role of slowing down or bringing to a halt an object in motion such as a vehicle, a bike, train, […]

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Tire Friction

What is tire friction? The wheel is an ingenious invention that made a huge impact on our lives. The main achievement here is the reduction of friction of the rolling wheel against the road as […]

Friction Coefficient
Laws of Friction

1. Introduction: Friction is the force that prevents layers of fluid, surfaces of solids and material components sliding against one another. The force which resists the relative lateral movement between two solid contacting surfaces is […]

Da Vinci Tribology

What is friction? Friction Definition Friction is a force acting opposite to the direction of relative motion. Friction rises on the interface between bodies, but may also develop within the body.Examples of the latter include […]