We are looking for enthusiastic and passionate tribology specialists who would like to contribute to the development of a tribonet project and share the knowledge with the professional community. Tribonet is a popular website visited by tribologists from all over the world and we are eager to improve the project by adding news articles written by tribologists to tribologists, by expanding our Wikipedia and Online Calculators section.

Why would you contribute?

  • Your contributions will be read by a tribology community. Various industry representatives are subscribed to our project and with over 40K page views per month you are sure that your work won’t stay unnoticed
  • You contribute to tribology community and thus make society better
  • You get a gift-card of your choice from our sponsors

We are looking for contributions in:

  • News Articles: these are the articles appearing in the home page of tribonet. They are popular science reviews of recently published research articles or otherwise community news
  • Wikipedia articles: these articles appear in Wikipedia section. The articles should help in understanding a certain term or phenomenon in tribology

It is very easy to make a contribution. Here is a quick step-by-step guide for publishing an article (post) or Wiki:

  • Log-in (or register if needed first)
  • Click ‘New’ on the black bar on the top of the site, then pick the post (for article writing) or Wiki articles
  • Write the title of the article
  • Write the article (or import from an existing Word document)
  • Click ‘Submit’ on the right sidebar

A detailed guideline can be found here.


If you have any questions, please contact us using the following email address: [email protected].