Tribology in Sustainable Manufacturing



About the Book

The present book aims to broaden the concept of tribology in sustainable manufacturing. The book compiles the sliding/rolling friction fundamentals in manufacturing processes obtained due to the relative movements. It is also noticed that the productivity and efficiency of any manufacturing process widely depend upon friction and wear of the components. Hence, controlled manufacturing processes improve tribological performance, decreasing manufacturing costs and saving energy. In addition, the book includes and discusses the application of tribology in advanced manufacturing processes such as additive manufacturing, 3D printing, laser sintering process etc. Furthermore, the book explores the tribology in green lubrication and industry 4.0, i.e. the new era of manufacturing industries. All technological enhancements provide more component life, and minor energy consumption, reduce production time and cost, and improve the productivity of the manufacturing system: the present book benefits engineering students, research scientists and industry persons.


Jitendra Kumar Katiyar



Ahmad Majdi Abdul Rani

Mohd Hafis Sulaiman

J.P. Davim



I am currently working as a Postgraduate Researcher at the University of Leeds, where I am actively involved in research activities. Prior to this, I successfully completed my master's degree through the renowned Erasmus Mundus joint program, specializing in Tribology and Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering from VTU in Belgaum, India. Further I handle the social media pages for Tribonet and I have my youtube channel Tribo Geek.

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