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What is viscometer? Viscosity refers to the fluid’s resistance in its ability to move. A high-viscosity (or “thick”) liquid flows much slower than a low viscosity (or “thin”) liquid. his can be seen with the […]

High Mileage Oil

What is High Mileage Oil? When we think about metal surfaces, we imagine them as smooth like glass, but under a microscope, they look more like the Grand Canyon: ragged and full of peaks and […]


What are Coolants? Industrial lubricants are an always a huge and fascinating topic to discuss and share. Broadly industrial lubricants are discussed in two different verticals – one is, of course, Factory, Plant & Machinery […]

Lubricating Greases - KEMAT Polybutenes
Semi Solid Lubricants

What are Industrial Lubricants? Industrial lubricants comprise fluids, oils, greases (semi solid lubricants), and other substances which reduce wear, friction or eliminate moisture. Their primary purpose is to cover solid surfaces using a film. However, they […]

garter spring
Garter Spring

A Garter spring is a coiled steel spring that is connected at each end to create a circular shape, and is used in oil seals, shaft seals, belt-driven motors, and electrical connectors. There are several […]

Fluorocarbon rubber / FKM/FPM

Fluorocarbon elastomers are a rubber specialty. These are well-known for having the best temperature resistance and for being highly inert. Fluoroelastomers also show a high resistance against mineral oil-based lubricants. The chemical resistance and high temperature […]