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Boundary Lubrication Regimme
Boundary Lubrication

What is Boundary Lubrication? Boundary lubrication describes situations where the applied load is primarily supported by contacting solid asperities, rather than a liquid lubricant. The boundary lubrication regime acts when the lambda ratio (the ratio […]

Surface Fatigue
Surface Fatigue

What is surface fatigue? Surface fatigue is the failure on the top layer of a body due to repeated loading. It can be differentiated from other types as it only occurs on the surface. It […]

Engine bearing
Engine Bearing

The Engine Bearing (Main Bearing) The internal combustion engine (piston engine) currently is still the most common engine used in automotive indutstry, even though the electric vehicles using electric vehicles are getting rapidly popular. Combustion […]

Friction Coefficient
Laws of Friction

1. Introduction: Friction is the force that prevents layers of fluid, surfaces of solids and material components sliding against one another. The force which resists the relative lateral movement between two solid contacting surfaces is […]

galled specimen

What is galling? Severe types of adhesive wear are often called galling, scuffing, welding or smearing, although these terms are sometimes used loosely to describe other types of wear. In metal-to-metal wear tests, high stresses […]

Four Ball Tester RTEC Instruments
Four Ball Tester

What is a Four Ball Tester? Oil lubrication and lubrication technologies are essential in reducing friction and wear losses in machines. The key in efficiency of the frictional system is a lubricant (grease, oil, solid […]