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What is lapping? Lapping is a type of finishing process which is carried out with the help of loose abrasives. In this finishing process, surface smoothening is achieved by the abrasive grains which are supported […]

Francesco Melzi - Portrait of Leonardo
Tribology History

Tribology Milestones Although the term tribology was only coined in 1966 by Peter Jost, humans have recognized the concept in some form for thousands of years. The earliest mention of tribology is actually in the […]

lubricant formulation
Lubricant formulation

Formulation The main use of lubricants in motor vehicles as well as in industrial machinery is to reduce friction and wear from mechanical contact and heat. Friction is the force that opposes movement on two […]

lubricant testing
Lubricant Testing

Different Lubricant Testing Procedures & Its Importance Have you ever visited a doctor & doctor asks you to have a blood test done? Doctors do that usually because blood tests can tell a lot more […]