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Lubrication and fuel efficiency

Fuel Efficiency It is essential to enhance the fuel efficiency of all machines to mitigate emissions and reduce energy consumption. Automobiles and machinery rely on lubricants for optimum operation and efficient energy transfer. In all mechanical systems, lubrication […]

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Hydrostatic bearings

Hydrostatic bearings are a particular type of bearings that work on the principle of separating sliding surfaces using pressurized fluid: air, oil or any other type of lubricant. This is in contrast with hydrodynamic bearings, […]

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Friction Brakes

What is a friction brake? A brake refers to a device that primarily plays the role of slowing down or bringing to a halt an object in motion such as a vehicle, a bike, train, […]

Friction Test

What is a friction test? In tribology, measurement of friction consists of the evaluation of forces that occur and oppose a relative motion in a tribological contact. According to ASTM standard G 40, the friction […]

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Tire Friction

What is tire friction? The wheel is an ingenious invention that made a huge impact on our lives. The main achievement here is the reduction of friction of the rolling wheel against the road as […]

Meso Scale Air Journal Bearings

Meso scale air journal bearings are widely use in miniaturized rotary systems such as hard disk drives, laser scanners, micro motors, miniature precision machines, dentist drills, meso scale gas turbines, etc. In these systems the […]

Stribeck curve
Stribeck Curve

What is Stribeck Curve? Stribeck curve is a fundamental and one of the most widely known concepts in tribology and lubrication fields. The concept represents the friction behavior in lubricated contacts as a function of […]

What is EHD film thickness?

[avatar user=”Jean-David Wheeler” size=”original” align=”left” link=”https://www.linkedin.com/in/jean-david-wheeler-462bb84b/detail/contact-info/”] The article was created by Dr. Jean-David Wheeler, Engineer in modeling at SIMTEC [/avatar] Surprisingly, when two lubricated solids are heavily loaded against one another and when a motion […]

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Bio-Inspired Surface Replication

Replicating the complex surface topographies of nature [avatar user=”Dr. Charchit Kumar” size=”original” align=”left” link=”https://www.linkedin.com/in/ali-ghanbarzadeh-phd-07458032/“] The article was created by Dr. Charchit Kumar, Postdoctoral Researcher and Teaching Associate, Laboratoire ICube (CNRS UMR 7357), Université de Strasbourg […]