ForceBoard™ is a patented desktop force measurement system for frictiontensile & compression, scratch, linear wearfatigueadhesionsense of touch & rotating wear testing applications. ForceBoard™ systems have key advantages: force detection in full 2D, portable, self-calibrated, open Windows software with 100% satisfaction guarantee!

ForceBoard™ is developed, marketed and sold by the Swedish company Industrial Dynamics Sweden AB located in Jarfalla just north of Stockholm City (the capital of Sweden). You are always welcome to drop by our office if you are in the neighbourhood!


The patented ForceBoard™ technology is the brainchild of Marcus Helgesson, M.Sc from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. Marcus is the CEO and owner of Industrial Dynamics Sweden AB. Prior to founding the company he has been active within R&D, innovation and project management for more than 10 years in the automotive and medical device industries in Sweden and the US. Marcus holds more than 10 patents / patents pending. 

Business concept

The core business idea behind the ForceBoard™ is help customers gain knowledge much faster and hereby save time and money. We also assist customers with ForceBoard™ customization and system development. Our know-how comes from well over 10.000 hours of development work within the fields of mechanis, mechatronics, electronics and programming.

Innovation is our game

ForceBoard™ is not a product aimed at only doing one thing. It is not impaired by following one or a few specific ASTM or ISO standards. For example – look at its friction tester functionality – ForceBoard™ is a friction tester that can do much more than other friction testers on the market. At the same time you can use ForceBoard for tensile, compression, fatigue, wear, adhesion and sense of touch measurements. Truly powerful and truly innovative, always focused on bringing a very high value to the end user.

The name ForceBoad is insired by Skateboarding
Marcus Helgesson, Owner of


Our mission is to deliver a robust and high quality force measurement system to the world of engineering, product development, testing, research and teaching to allow for a faster and deeper understanding of products, components and materials. Quality, innovative features, timely deliveries and top of the line support are our top priorities. Expect nothing but true dedication and deep insight into multiple fields of engineering from us.

The name ForceBoard

“The name is a combination of what it is used for – force testing – and where one of its core design ideas comes from – skateboarding. There was no other name that could embrace the product like the name ForceBoard™ does.”

– Marcus Helgesson, Founder