Cavitation is a phenomenon that occurs when a liquid is subjected to a pressure drop that causes its pressure to fall below its vapour pressure. This forms vapour bubbles within the fluid, collapsing as the […]

Industrial Lubrication
What Are Lubricants?

Definition Lubricant is a substance which is used to control (more often to reduce) friction and wear of the surfaces in a contact of the bodies in relative motion [1]. Depending on its nature, lubricants […]

galled specimen

What is galling? Severe types of adhesive wear are often referred as galling, scuffing, welding or smearing, although these terms are sometimes used loosely to describe other types of wear. In metal-to-metal wear tests, high […]

Pin on disc
Pin on Disk Test

What is a Pin on Disk Test? Friction and wear (typically wear rates and wear resistance) characterization of materials is typically performed using various types of tribometers, while pin on disk test being probably one […]

Four Ball Tester RTEC Instruments
Four Ball Tester

What is a Four Ball Tester? Oil lubrication and lubrication technologies are essential in reducing friction and wear losses in machines. The key in efficiency of the frictional system is a lubricant (grease, oil, solid […]

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What is Triboluminescence? Triboluminescence is tribology phenomenon resulting in the generation of light through creating any frictional interaction between the materials. The term for this phenomenon comes from a combination of the greek word for […]