There is a number of online tribology related calculators available on tibonet and they are listed in this table. If you would like to add a calculator, please contact us.

This online calculator uses Moes fit for the central film thickness calculation for a line contact. Matlab version is also available.Central Film Thickness Calculator – Line Contact
A simple Hertz contact calculator for elliptical and circular contacts. Matlab version is also available.Hertz Pressure Calculator – Line Contact
This is a simple Hertz contact calculator for elliptical and circular contacts. A corresponding Matlab file can also be downloaded.Hertz Pressure Calculator - Elliptical and Point Contacts
Calculate Vickers Hardness from the known load and indent diameterHardness Calculation – Vickers Indenter
Calculate Brinell Hardness NumberHardness Calculation – Brinell Indenter
Calculate Knoop Hardness NumberHardness Calculation – Knoop Hardness Number
Calcuate Adhesion and Pull-Off ForcesAdhesion and Pull-Off Forces Calculator
Calculate pressure and indent in contact of an elliptical flat punch and a flatIndentation by an elliptical flat punch
Calculate Pressure in Contact with Sinusoidal Surface, 1DOnline Calculator – Indentation of Elastic Body by Sinusoidal Surface
Calculate Hertzian Subsurface Stresses in Contact of Two CylindersHertzian Subsurface Stress Calculator - Line Contact