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Green Hydrogen: A key investment for the energy transition
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Tribology in Hydrogen energy transition

Introduction to the hydrogen energy transition Hydrogen is considered as a renewable energy source for the future, it is environmentally friendly and is present abundantly in water as a combined molecule. The usage of hydrogen […]

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Tribology in CO2 Emission

Introduction The role of tribology in CO2 emission is not directly visible, however, it can be due to friction losses causing energy crisis and failure in machine elements leading to consuming more resources. There are […]

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Electric car efficiency

Importance of electric car Electric cars are the alternative available to overcome the energy crisis with internal combustion engines. 26% of primary energy in the world scale is consumed on transportation and 23% of greenhouse […]

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Transformer Oil (or Insulating Oil)

Introduction Transformer oil or insulating oil is generally a highly refined mineral oil that is stable at high temperature and has excellent electrical insulating properties. It is used in oil-filled power transformers, some types of […]

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Grease Gun

Introduction This article is about the lubrication tool called the “Grease Gun.” Grease guns are a standard tool in the garage and workshop for lubrication. Grease guns apply lubricant through an aperture to a specific […]

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