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The difference in the ability of commercial paints versus the lightweight paint in reflecting solar radiation is shown. Lightweight paint emits more infrared heat than it absorbs reducing the surface below ambient temperature making it attractive for assisting with the thermal management of mobile devices such as electric vehicles. Figure courtesy of Purdue University.
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Lightweight Paint

By Dr. Neil Canter, Contributing Editor | TLT Tech Beat February 2023. Original article published in TLT Magazine. This paint exhibits comparable solar reflectance but produces a much thinner coating leading to a reduction in […]

Electrical Discharge Machining - an overview | ScienceDirect Topics
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Electric Discharge Machining Damages in Bearings

Introduction Electric discharge machining (EDM) is a manufacturing process of machining electrically conductive materials mechanically irrespective of their mechanical properties. It is used in various applications such as automotive, aerospace, medical implants, etc. in this […]

Surface finishing techniques for medical implants
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Tribology in Medical Implants

Introduction In 2019, medical devices reached a global market of around $456.9 billion, this growing number is due to their significance in our day-to-day life [1]. Medical devices are evolving for decades and providing the […]

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Tribology of Chocolates

Credit: This article is the summary of ‘Insights into the Multiscale Lubrication Mechanism of Edible Phase Change Materials’ by Siavash Soltanahmadi, Michael Bryant, and Anwesha Sarkar. Introduction When chewing, there is often a shift from […]

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