TriboNet is a website devoted to tribology and it is a natural place for promoting tribology related products. The project attracts over 25K unique visitors per month with over 50K unique page views. As it can be seen from the graph below, the project attracts international audience which is well distributed between industry and academia. On top of that TriboNet counts over 5K email subscribers. TriboNet articles are promoted by our media partners, such as STLE (Society of Tribology and Lubrication Engineers).

TriboNet organizes sponsored webinars that attract 100-500 registered participants. The webinars are co-promoted by our partners, including well known organizations like STLE. The recordings are sent to all of the TriboNet subscribers. Sponsoring TriboNet webinars is a perfect opportunity to get in touch with the community, share your vision and research, but also attract potential customers. TriboNet’s webinars get 100-500 registrants per event and a sponsor has a chance to share their materials during the webinar. Please contact us for further information.

TriboNet’s audience and outreach makes it a perfect place for advertising tribology and lubrication related products, projects, events as well as services. Please contact us for further information.

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