4th International Conference on Materials Science and Engineering

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About this event:

Created by TriboNet

Prague, Czech Republic

Material Science 2020 Conference aims at sharing new concepts and advances among the experts, engineers, professors, research fellows, industrialists and graduate students to share their current developments and applications in different fields and enjoy stimulating talks and specialized sessions at the splendid occasion. It will also have a space for companies, universities, institutes, research centers and organizations to exhibit their services, products, innovations and scientific results.

To know about abstract submission and registration view the conference site: http://materialscience.alliedacademies.com/

Conference Highlights:
1. Materials Science
2. Materials in Aerospace, Mechanical and Civil Engineering
3. Tribology
4. Structural Materials
5. Functional Materials
6. Computational Materials Science
7. Graphene and Quantum Dots
8. Biomaterials, Tissue Engineering and Biomedical Devices
9. Nanotechnology in Materials Science
10. Energy Materials
11. Smart, Advanced materials and Metamaterials
12. Textile Materials and Fibers
13. Electronics and Photonics
14. Dielectric, Optical and Magnetic Materials
15. Semiconductors and Superconductors
16. Materials Physics and Materials Chemistry
17. Metals, Alloys and Intermetallic Compounds
18. Polymers
19. Surface Science and Engineering
20. Corrosion nad Corrosion Protection
21. Coating, Composite and Ceramic materials
22. Minerals and Mining
23. Trends in Materials Science
Join us at the Golden City, PRAGUE
Contact Details: Helen Thomas Program Manager | Material Science 2020 Email Id: [email protected] or [email protected] Whatsapp: +441258650017

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