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About this event:

Created by TriboNet

WeSST wants to introduce online seminars as a tool for knowledge dissemination in the tribological community.

In our warming world the justification of long-distance air travel is becoming increasingly difficult, but the need for sharing of knowledge in scientific research remains vital.

We believe that online seminars can be a convenient additional mainstream mode of scientific information dissemination. The first cycle will take place in 2020, starting on the 26th of May and running weekly. Subsequent cycles will be held yearly. We will have six seminars and a Twitter poster conference.

The theme for the Spring 2020 cycle is: Tribology Advances Over The Next Decade

The first webinar is planned on 26th of May 2020:

26th May 2020 – 4PM CET Prof. Robert Carpick

University of Pennsylvania

“Mechanisms of Tribochemical Interactions at the Nanoscale Revealed by in situ Experiments”

Dr. Stefan Eder

AC2T and TU Wien

“Large-Scale Atomistic Simulations as a Tool to Explore Microstructural Development During Sliding and Grinding Processes”

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