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Contact Mechanics

The Handbook on Contact Mechanics (Handbuch der Kontaktmechanik) co-authored by Honorary Professor of Tomsk Polytechnic University, head of the Department of System Dynamics and Friction Physics at Technical University Berlin, Valentin Popov, a TPU alumnus Emanuel Willert, and Assistant Professor of the Department of System Dynamics and Friction Physics at Technical University Marcus Hess has been published in German by Springer. This publishing house has been specializing in scientific journals and books in natural sciences for 175 years and is the second largest publisher after Elsevier in the STM (science, technology, medicine) area.

Tomsk Polytechnic University and Technical University Berlin are running a master double degree program called Physics of High Technology in Mechanical Engineering.

According to Prof Valentin Popov, Emanuel Willert is one of the best participants of the program, who graduated from it with honors in 2014.  In the co-authorship, the scientists published The Handbook on Contact Mechanics (ed. the original German title – Handbuch der Kontaktmechanik) in Springer. The book was published in German, now Emanuel Willert is working on its English edition.

Prof Popov tells: ‘The book contains the solutions to all problems of contact mechanics for axisymmetric bodies over the past 137 years. The solutions are given both for classical profiles, such as sphere, cone or flat cylindrical die, and for many other technical significant forms like truncated cone, rounded-off  cylinder, worn ball, rippled profiles, hollow cylinders, etc.’

In the handbook, normal, tangential and torsion contacts are considered, both with and without adhesion. Materials are elastic isotropic, transversely isotropic, viscoelastic and functional gradient materials.

‘Thanks to the great work and erudition of Emanuel Willert, we were able to give references to the first original publications, so the book may also serve as a kind of ‘a history of contact mechanics,’

emphasizes the professor.

The book can be found here.

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