Abrasion related tests

ASTM G-65 Dry sand/ rubber wheel abrasion test
ASTM G105 Wet sand/ rubber wheel abrasion test
ASTM G132 Pin abrasion test
ASTM G75 Slurry abrasivity test

Grease related tests

ASTM D2596, DIN 51350/4 Four ball weld tests
ASTM D1831 Roll stability tests for greases
DIN 51813 Solid matter content in lubricating greases
ASTM D4170 Fretting Test for lubricant greases
ASTM D2509 –  D2782 Timken Test for grease

Erosion related tests

ASTM G76 Air Jet Erosion Tester
ASTM G-73 Liquid impingement erosion test
ASTM G134 Cavitating liquid jet erosion test
ASTM G32 Cavitation Erosion Using Vibratory

Material and lubricant related tests

ASTM G-99 Pin on disk test
ASTM D2670, D3233 Pin and Vee Block Tester
ASTM D2266, DIN 51350/5, IP 239 Four ball wear tests
ASTM D2266, D3702, D4172 Multi-specimen tester
ASTM A514 Pin on drum wear tester
ASTM G77 Block On Ring Test
ASTM G98 Galling resistance test of materials
ASTM G133 Reciprocating Ball-on-Flat Sliding Wear
ASTM G83-96 Wear test using cross cylinder apparatus
ASTM D5707 Measuring Friction and Wear Properties of Lubricating Grease using SRV Test
ASTM D5706 Determining Extreme Pressure Properties of Lubricating Greases using SRV test
ASTM G181-11 Friction Tests of Piston Ring and Cylinder Liner Materials Under Lubricated Conditions

Corrosion related tests

ASTM G119 Test for studying wear and corrosion synergy



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