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    TriboSolver (formerly known as Tribology Simulator) is a cloud based software for the simulation of the most common tribological problems: rough contact problem (pressure and subsurface stress calculations, deflections, stiffnesses), Elastohydrodynamic problem, Stribeck Curve simulation (calculation of friction in mixed lubricated contacts), calculation of contact temperatures in solids, wear and wear particles simulation and surface roughness evolution.

    You can find a guide on how to use TriboSolver here.

    The old version of TriboSolver can still be downloaded here.

    A manual can be found in the Help section. If you dont have MATLAB installed, you will need to install the MATLAB Compiler Runtime (MCR, free for download). See readme.txt file for further details.

    Solvers are based on the half-space approximation theory for the contact, thermal and hydrodynamic simulations, which makes it faster compared to Finite Element Method or other fully numerical approaches.

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