Cavitation is a phenomenon that occurs when a liquid is subjected to a pressure drop that causes its pressure to fall below its vapour pressure. This forms vapour bubbles within the fluid, collapsing as the […]


It is said that a contact operates under “starvation conditions” when an increase of oil supply at the contact would result in an increase of the film thickness at the contact. In other words, when […]

lubricant viscosity
Lubricant Viscosity

What is lubricant viscosity? Viscosity is the resistance of a fluid to flow. When a fluid is flowing, the molecules comprising it experience friction due to the molecular interaction among them. It means that different […]

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Lubrication and fuel efficiency

Fuel Efficiency It is essential to enhance the fuel efficiency of all machines to mitigate emissions and reduce energy consumption. Automobiles and machinery rely on lubricants for optimum operation and efficient energy transfer. In all mechanical systems, lubrication […]