Worn Steel Disk

Archard Wear Equation

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The importance of wear losses leads to considerable effort in establishing theories and predictive models of wear. Meng and Ludema  [1] have identified 182 equations for different types of wear. Among them were empirical relations, […]
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Central Film Thickness Calculator – Line Contact

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This online calculator uses Moes fit for the central film thickness calculation for a line contact. Corresponding equations can be found in reference [1]. References [1] https://www.utwente.nl/en/et/ms3/research-chairs/stt/research/publications/phd-theses/Thesis_Faraon.pdf
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Hardness Calculation – Knoop Hardness Number

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See the description of the Knoop Hardness test below. The following equation is used to calculate Knoop Hardness number (HK): . For further information see [1]. References [1] https://www.emcotest.com/en/the-world-of-hardness-testing/hardness-know-how/theory-of-hardness-testing/knoop/knoop-testing-procedure/
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Hardness Calculation – Brinell Indenter

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See the description of Brinell Hardness test below. The Brinell Hardness Number (BHN) is calculated as follows: . Schematic diagram of the test is shown below: For further information see [1,2] References [1] http://www.engineersedge.com/manufacturing/brinell_hardness_test_equation_13173.htm [2] […]

Hardness Calculation – Vickers Indenter

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See the description of the Vickers Hardness test below. The Vickers Hardness test is used to characterize hardness of various solid materials. A diamond pyramid is pressed against the solid and the hardness is calculated […]