Graphene-DLC nano scroll
Advanced Materials

Macroscale superlubricity

11.01.2016 tribonet 127 Views
  Friction rises when bodies come to contact and start relative sliding. This phenomenon occurs in many mechanical systems and it is estimated that over 30% of the fuel in cars is consumed to overcome […]
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General Topics

Modeling rough adhesive surfaces

09.01.2016 tribonet 47 Views
Imagine a new type of tyres whose structure has been designed to have greater adhesion on the road. Quite a timely discussion during the long winter nights. French physicists have now developed a model to […]
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Computational Tribology

Anyone is up for challenge?

08.01.2016 tribonet 135 Views
Society of tribology and lubrication engineers announced Contact Mechanics Challenge.   Dr. Martin Müser initiated a competition in calculation of a real contact area. He has already results of his own calculation and challenges other groups […]
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18.11.2015 tribonet 415 Views
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