Wear Particle Image

Wear Particles

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The wear process results in generation of debris, or particles, of various size, shape, color distributions and chemical composition[1, 2, 3]. These distributions are dependent on normal load, sliding speed, environment and many other parameters[4]. […]
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Challenges in Tribology

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When: 16.03.2017 – 17.03.2017 all-day
Where: Birmingham, UK

About this event This two-day event will attempt to address current challenges in the field of transport and for development of materials and surface coatings for use in extreme environments. The latter have many applications […]

Advanced Materials

Evolving friction of graphene

28.11.2016 Aydar Akchurin 507 Views
Two-dimensional materials are defined as substances with the thickness less than few nanometers. While there may exist around 500 of various 2D materials, the first discovered 2D material is graphene. Graphene is flexible, transparent, possesses […]
Corrosive Wear

Corrosive Wear

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Corrosive wear occurs when the component operates in a corrosive media, liquid or gas [1, 2]. In this type of wear, the tribochemical reaction between corrosive agent and the bulk material generates a reaction (protective) […]
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Abrasive Wear

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Abrasive wear occurs when a hard surface or hard particles pass over a soft surface, causing loss of material [1]. However, the abrasive grooves can be found on the wear tracks of the sliding friction […]
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Adhesive Wear

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Adhesive wear occurs when two solids are in a sliding contact and the atomic bonding forces occurring between the materials on the interface are stronger than the strength of the surrounding area in either of […]
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Definition Wear is defined as a surface damage of one or all solid surfaces in contact subject to relative motion. Wear might have different patterns corresponding to various wear mechanisms. A surface can be subject […]
Da Vinci Tribology


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  Friction Definition Friction is a force acting opposite to the direction of relative motion. Friction rises on the interface between bodies, but may also develop within the body.Examples of the latter include air and […]
Computational Tribology

Predicting the size of wear particles

21.11.2016 tribonet 517 Views
A wear process results in the generation of particles, of various size, shape, color and chemical composition. The reported size of wear particles varies from mm scale, which is typically attributed to severe wear, to […]
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SERBIATRIB 17: 15-th International Conference on Tribology

18.11.2016 tribonet 161 Views
When: 17.03.2017 @ 08:00 – 19.03.2017 @ 18:00
Where: Kragujevac, Serbia

The 15th International Conference on Tribology – SERBIATRIB ’17 is organized by the Faculty of Engineering University of Kragujevac and the Serbian Tribology Society. Organizing Scientific Conferences, Serbian Tribology Society plays a significant role in […]